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Solving Real World Problems

Tailored Model for Species Detection in Northern Kenya Using Camera Trap Technology

In recent years, camera traps have become an instrumental tool in ecological conservation and the scientific study of wildlife, especially with decline in biodiversity and wildlife populations.

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Environmental Conservation and Monitoring

Automated Tree Inventory Using Stereoscopic Photogrammetry

Forest inventory plays a pivotal role in environmental management by providing crucial data useful for finding timber volume estimates, informing timely policy changes by concerned stakeholders, for national and international reporting, among others. 

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Environmental Conservation and Monitoring

Gender Justice in Stem Research in Africa (GeJuSTA)

Girls and women have consistently been underrepresented in most Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) professions, necessitating research. There is a need to define and execute measures and policies to help reduce this gap.

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Gender Justice

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